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Monkey Poo FightPoop Machine
Merry ShitmessPootin Paul
The Great Poop ShootAznar
Poop Games
Don't Drop The Poop Don't Drop The Poop
Control your poop by clicking the mouse button as fast as you can so that you don't embarass yo...
Enjoy the smelly intestines as you get into the patient's body from the backside to fight the g...
Naughty Child Naughty Child
Help the little naughty baby throw feces at pedestrians. Adjust power and timing and let go!
Pee Man Pee Man
Fill up your bladder by collecting the juice jars from the windows and then use your pee to attack t...
Gasteroids Gasteroids
Fight germs and bacteria in the stomach of a person. Shoot poop at your enemies and use your own fla...
Aznar Aznar
When there is no place to poop and you have a stomach problem, what do you do? This guy just poops o...
Poop Machine Poop Machine
Eat various stuff and see how they come out as poop. Funny game with great background sounds!
Find the Poo Poo Diaper Find the Poo Poo Diaper
A memory game where you have to find out which baby has poo on his diaper. Keep your keys open and y...
Monkey Poo Fight Monkey Poo Fight
Get a piece of poop out from your butt and then use it to fight against your opponent in this poop f...
The Great Poop Shoot The Great Poop Shoot
Shoot some poop in this cool poop shooting game with fun background music and sounds. Enjoy :)
Farting Games
Naughty Girl Fart Naughty Girl Fart
Help the naughty girl fart in the cooking class. Just don't get caught by the instructor and ot...
Fart Game Fart Game
Releive yourself by farting when the vehicles pass across the streets so that you don't get cau...
Cippi Darts Game Cippi Darts Game
Play darts by farting. Simple to play but tough to master farting game. Use the wind to your advanta...
Santa Farty Pants Santa Farty Pants
This Christmas santa is having trouble delivering presents because his sleigh has just crashed. But ...
Smell My Fart Smell My Fart
Get the timing of your fart right to take down the people on the streets. Use space to fart and the ...
Pootin Paul Pootin Paul
A funny interactive game where you see what happens when you mess around with people with powerful f...
Hide The Fart Hide The Fart
It takes skill even to fart - yeah! Fart without getting caught and score as much as possible.
Canary Rescue Canary Rescue
Help granny rescue the poor little canaries trapped in cages by the zombies. Eat cabbages and use gr...
Christmas With The Sproutifarts Christmas With The Sproutifarts
Gobble up the sprouts and control your stinky fart as gas builds up eating all the sprouts. Release ...
Fart Control Fart Control
What do you do when you want to fart real bad and you are out on the streets? Simple, just hide your...

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